I'm so excited!

I just can't hide it.

I want to send a giant thank you to Vonny for painting this watercolor of my Tigger.  I sent her the photo and got back this stunning likeness.  She's just starting to accept commissions for pet paintings and she's clearly got the talent.  If you have a favorite pet, you should really consider contacting her for a portrait.

Look at the amazing fur detail.  The subtle color on the inside of her ear; the perfect capture of her wild whiskers and her bright eyes. I just love this Vonny, thank you so much!

Here's the photo I sent:


  1. Wow, Tigger looks fantastic! Vonny did a wonderful, wonderful job. What a treasure xx

  2. Fantastic work!
    Thank you for sharing, so inspiring to see. :]

  3. Wow Terrie, I'm not surprised you are sooooooooo excited, what a gorgeous piece of art from Vonny. She has done an amazing job from the photo you sent her, what a beautiful cat too.
    Huge hugs x x x x

  4. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Oh how beautiful, she really captured the likeness in quite a striking way. xox

  5. A beautiful portrait. Bet you just love it.

  6. Wow! Perfection! What an awesome job! :)


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