inspiration mosaic

I think I forgot to make one of these last month (maybe for the last two?) but I do like sharing my flickr faves and this is the easiest way to do it.  There are some truly inspiring artists and photographers so here's a random sampling of some of my faves.  Hope you find some inspiration here!

1. #micron#quote#sketchbook, 2. "Good Morning, Santo Domingo", 3. Ballerina reworked a bit, 4. Beaded hedebo edge - detail, 5. just a formality 8, 6. Louis-Vuitton4--a, 7. IMG_0628, 8. 0713-703, 9. 6:27:12 #14, 10. metal on paper, 11. pattern4, 12. joyce, 13. IMG_0176, 14. Number 10, 15. 143 hours, 16. Bonnet Stitch, 17. scribble page spread 9, 18. anger fourteen, 19. Diva's WC#80, 20. Resident MailArt call ~1/2 outgoing 08/2012, 21. stitched in time, 22. dotpadzen2, 23. Painting patterned jars, 24. Mapping Time, 25. Page 21 and 22, 26. The Longest Day, 27. Happy Flowers, 28. The Way It Is, 29. 171-366 just one more..., 30. postcard 3

Because of the square format of the mosaic, much of the photos are chopped - to see the whole image of one that appeals to you, click on the link below.  You'll likely discover a wonderful artist!


  1. Wow! I'll have to come back and snoop! ;)

  2. Wow, too. I am excited to see my stitchings here, No.s 4 and 16.

  3. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Oh yummy inspiration here. I love all the stitchy bits.....I recognize a little fishy! xox

  4. Just love these mosaics Terrie! So much goodness...


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