i love a good list

Visiting Jessica at To The Moon Designs I found that participates in a weekly list theme:  List it Tuesday.  I LOVE a good list and Aimee at Artsyville is encouraging me by giving me some new ideas for my list of lists - watch out!

This week is make a list of creative things you can do in 15 minutes.  Here's what occurred to me:

press fall leaves from my walks

take a photo on a walk and practice my techniques
stencil or paint a pumpkin for the front porch
find a new soup recipe
wrap smooth beach rocks in yarn or twine (I have quite a collection from my beach combing this summer)

paint an inspirational word on a beach rock
practice lettering
make a piece of mail art (visit MMSA for people to share with)
start working on a collage a day (thanks Jane Davies), even if I don't finish it
start or finish a scribble painting ala Jane Davies - totally fun and freeing
make a foam stamp from one of my pattern sketches
stick my nose in one of my new art books (the trick is to stop in 15 minutes!)

Next week I'll be more creative in my presentation - this list making seems like good journal page fodder, doesn't it?

The links from others have some of my same ideas (making a stamp seems to be a popular idea), but also some other ways to be creative or get those creative juices flowing.  How are you creative when you only have 15 minutes?


  1. I might be able to press leaves in 15 minutes, but I sure couldn't do any other of those things on your list. It would take me 15 minutes to find a stencil and paint, much less the tape for the stencil. Then it would take me forever to peruse recipes in search for the perfect pumpkin soup. Now you know why everything takes me FOREVER. As for painting a rock, I can assure you, if I wrote a word in 15 minutes, I would have the paint smeared all over the rock before you could say smeared! Glad to read your list, though and have to admire your abilities.

  2. Nice list! I am not fast at all anymore with anything--LOL!
    Happy Saturday! :)

  3. This seeming inspiring & fun... 15 minutes.
    I would have to think about this one...
    Love your wrapped yarn rocks, delightful & natural. :]
    Take care ~xx

  4. I've never seen a rock wrapped eith with thread before. Neat! {:-D

  5. Fabulous list! Pressing leaves is something I've never tried; as much as I love fall, I really should! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Terrie, I love your list. Hmmm.... I think I would love to paint inspirational words on rocks. But, I really like the idea of practicing lettering, too. Thanks for sharing.

  7. this is perfect presentation! don't worry yourself about fussing with the format -- just have fun and do your list however you wish! thank you so much for participating this week -- LOVE, love, LOVE your twine stones -- I have wrapped mine with silk threads but not like this -- the way you did it made them look like little presents!

  8. This is a great list, Terrie! I think I'm going to have to compile everyone's great ideas and print out one big list of inspiration for myself!

  9. fabulous list. i'm going to try some of your ideas myself. love the rocks wrapped in twine!

  10. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Painting words on rocks sounds like a great idea...love your list, and your blog!

  11. I Love this list Terrie. And your wrapped beach rocks are beautiful. So peaceful and soothing to an ocean girl like me. Could you get an ATC done in 15? I'm sure I spent that much (or less) on some of my ICAD cards this summer... Looking forward to your future lists of goodness. xx


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