MMSA mail art

Once again, I go away for a week (to central Oregon this time) and I come home to a stack of mail art!  This stack is mostly in response to the most recent swap at Mail Me Some Art (MMSA) hosted by the ever energetic Karen.  These cards are in response to the Get to Know You theme - here's who I got to know better:

top: Bonnie Jeanne from PA; bottom: Sherry H from AK

top: Chris M from parabolicmuse.blogspot.com; bottom: Jeanne K from KS

top: Andria  from ND, Andria-DrawingNear.blogspot; bottom: Corrine from MA, SparkleDaysStudio.com

this oversize heart from Ria C in ND (MallardTrailMail.blogspot) through IUOMA

for the fall themed MMSA swap I received  -  top: Carlene T from TN, TaylorMaide; bottom: 
Barbara D from NC

I really got a batch of great cards, didn't I?  Thanks to each and every one of you for brightening my day when I opened the mail box!


  1. Always such fun to get mail and art mail is even cooler!! :)

  2. Great stuff to add to your collection.


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