APR and IA

Once again my two favorite challenges have meshed in their themes.  Artists Playroom (the 29th week!) hosted by Jenn at Just Add Water Silly is encouraging us to do something botanical.  Over at Inspiration Avenue, the theme is rose.  W-e-l-l......first I did something digital with one of my bazillion rose photos (layers, brushes, splotches, color, cutting & pasting):

I used this photo and a separate one of just leaves as the starting point:

If you like roses, here are a few more of my fave shots:

Okay, enough of that - but then I realized that wasn't enough so I printed a couple more pics and decided to see what I could do with collage.  

These smaller two collages I started with scraped paint backgrounds made at Jane's class at Art and Soul; the top one is on a large Michaels sale postcard, gessoed and stamped/painted, etc.

Hope you'll join in when you can - Inspiration Avenue (IA) and Artist Playroom (APR) are welcoming, encouraging communities of creative folks who want to support your artistic efforts. So come play with us!


  1. I love roses (well, all kinds of flowers). Love what you did with the collages, too. :)

  2. You really rose to this challenge, Terri! Couldn't help myself! Seriously, the collages are wonderful!

  3. Terrie, I think I could smell the fragrance of those roses! I love what you did with our theme this week. Thank you for participating in this week's challenge at IA and thank you so much for the encouraging comments.

  4. lots of gorgeous images here, terrie! beautiful soft colors - i can almost smell the roses!

  5. The photos of the roses are so amazing. Sometimes I forget how fabulous roses are. I love collages, and these are wonderful! I especially love the first one...the pastel colors with the splash of red is great!

  6. What a wonderful bouquet of roses you presented us with. I really like your work with photos.


  7. This is a true deLIGHT, Terrie. As was reading all your posts yesterday. It was like marinating in "special sauce" as I heard and SAW all the goodness there. I am glad for your choosing to make art, all things considered. Sometimes that's just the key to navigating a difficult or trying patch.

  8. Your photos are just so wonderful and they amaze me every single time... so glad I am catching up on your posts ... I bet some of these roses are in your garden... I wish I had roses... sadly they just don't like our hot and humid weather...xx


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