zentangle: ixorus

Still catching up..... working on the challenges from I am the Diva for Zentangle.  Week 6 (back in Feb!) was a new tangle - Ixorus.  I found I really liked working with this pattern - it's easy and perfectly even/mirror images aren't important (which I find hard to do) and in fact a little aberration is a good thing.

Obviously, the main pattern used in both is Ixorus but in the top tile I also used chain and florz (a tangelation of it).  The bottom used ixorus and a modified dex and weave tangles.  I don't really like the bottom - the background pattern didn't enhance the patterns and became too busy, but I'm pleased with the top one.

You can try Zentangles or controlled doodles yourself by exploring the official Zentangle site or Google it and you'll find tons of talented doodlers.  I'm new to the process and still learning and experimenting with the patterns, so you'll be amazed at what's possible.  See my sidebar for some of my fave Zentangle sites.


  1. Wow, you have really got into tangles, lovely work! Valerie

  2. Great Zentangles, Terrie. I have now purchased all four of the beginning Zentangle books plus Totally Tangled and continue to find more books and new designs keep coming up. The ones you are doing in this post are new to me and not in any of my books. I am going to have to show these to my students...who by the way, love,love, love them!


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