inspiration ave: pattern

When I saw the prompt for this week from Inspiration Avenue, I immediately knew I wanted to do something using my new interest in Zentangles.  As I pondered what form it might take, I settled on a sampler format to show a range of some of my favorite tangles.  (patterns used from top left:  mooka, toeter, (border) hollibaugh, onamato (border), warped eggs, weave, brayd (borders), pais, zedbra (border), ambler, nzeppel, ?, coaster (borders), paradox, pendrills, peas in a pod (border) and shattuck)

However, then I realized that there's lots of patterns in the daily world around us - so picked a few of my favorite photos to illustrate patterns in nature.....wish I could draw them!

Flower petals are an endless source of pattern.

Plant life, leaves, branches - all beautiful patterns.

Architecture is an unending source of repetitive patterns - these arches were photographed in Rabat, Morocco.

When patterns don't occur naturally, we tend to create them - grass in baseball diamonds a perfect example!

Barcelona is one of my favorite cities and is packed full of pattern, design, and beautiful inspiration.  This is a couple of buildings designed by Gaudi along the Ave. Discordia.  I can't even count how many patterns are in this shot!

So, if you're inspired to explore pattern some more, visit Inspiration Ave and all the talented folks there.


  1. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Love your zentangle sampler!

    Stay inspired!

  2. Great photos. I especially like the pattern in the lower left corner of your zentangles. Swirling pianos, folded cornucopias, staircases, etc. these and more come to mind.

  3. Fantastic zentangle with so many beautiful patterns. This would be so great as a quilt pattern. Your post celebrates the theme of pattern wonderfully with your zentangle & vibrant inspirational photos. Fab!

    Kat :-)

  4. Love your zentangles, as always, and your inspirational photos are great! There is always so much around us to give us inspiration, we just have to look! Valerie

  5. Wow, Terrie, your posting was a feast for the eyes! Your Zentangles are just wonderful, and the photos of patterns are mesmerizing.

  6. I;'m in awe of your zentangles. I had no idea they had names. Really a very well done sampler. Of course, your photos are adorable, too. It's wonderful how you see patterns in so many things.

  7. Very creative sampler! I enjoyed my visit here and the photos you shared were just full of patterns. The last one was amazing when one stops to really look at it!

  8. Love your zentangle page!
    and the collection of photos too!
    A great post. ♥

  9. Stunning pattern pics!


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