zentangle #41: jonqal and opus

This week's challenge was a duo tangle using jonqal and opus, neither of which I've used before.  The contrast of the 2 patterns is great - angular and curvy, dark and light, hard and soft.  I don't think my work showed that to its best advantage, but they were fun to do.

My first effort - you can see I screwed up the jonqal at the bottom by forgetting to alternate the colors in the chevron (I did that EVERY time!).  It's okay but seems too divisive with the big stripe of jonqal through the middle.

A little better since jonqal is in organic shapes too but I had definite issues with the spiral - think it's too big so I didn't have room to add opus at the top and I really struggled to get the alternating stripes.

My last effort - changed up the scale of opus and the fill of jonqal.  Not lovin' this version either, but it was something different.  Kind of looks like to eyeballs looking at me. :)

Visit Laura at I am the Diva to see more (and better) versions of these 2 patterns.


  1. With new tangles like this, I think it's great that everyone seems to be "practicing" them! I think your tangles turned out great. I especially like the second one where you've woven the two tangles together.

  2. They all look great to me... but complicated.

  3. They are all great, but my favorite is the first one.. it just sings!

  4. I love the way you comment on your own work! I tend to agree with Joni, I like the first one - "creative mistake" and all!

  5. Not being a detail person, I missed your "mistake". The Navajo Indians used to deliberately have an error in their rugs to allow the bad spirit to escape. Anyway, your second one is amazing and very complicated!

  6. The first one is beautiful! I can see a play of female and male energies....the jonqal appears bold and aggressive and the opus looks delicate and coy! Very nice


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