List of the Week #2

I'm catching up on all my blog reading and came across Bad Hausfrau's weekly list which reminded me to make my own - top 5 things I'm lovin' this week....hmmmm.

1.  I'm reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  I'm about half way through and thoroughly enjoying it.  Finally finished my 900 page tome Shantaram last week.  It was fabulous and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to capture the feeling of India and her people.
The Help

2.  My nephew is a fabulous artist and has just completed some new works for a gallery showing.  Check out the art of Michael Whitlark.  This is one from his newest series.

Blue Cityscape

3.  I love playing with tangles - good activity to relax and keep my hands busy while "watching" TV.

4.  Love getting Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine - it's SO full of creative ideas....

5.  Beautiful photography.  This by G. Corrow, one of my fave flickr photogs.

Happy Friday!

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