inspiration ave: spain

This topic was of particular interest to me since we've been to Spain and just loved it.  We visited Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga and Tenerife (Canary Islands).  It was sunny, picturesque, colorful, exotic and so much fun - I wanted to try to capture all that in a digi collage effort.  A tall order.

Here's the raw material I began with....

A mosaic bench designed by Gaudi at Parc Guell.

A mosaic detail on a column at Palau Musica in Barcelona.

Two towers of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona - a pretty iconic sight.

I added some textures:

The above 3 are digital scrapbooking elements (I've long ago lost the source).

This texture is from Skeletal Mess (see his flickr group).  A little judicious erasing, blending, and change of opacities and this is what I arrived at.

This represents the hot sunny colors of Spain, the showy, beautiful mosaics and the iconic shapes of Sagrada Familia watching over it all.  It's a little busy, but so is Spain :)

I'm looking forward to the other depictions of Spain over at Inspiration Avenue - go check it out!


  1. You combined many elements and layers, it's beautiful. The heat radiates and the tiles are refreshing.

  2. Wonderful! I love Barcelona, used to go their a lot when I could afford to travel, love all the things from Gaudì Valerie

  3. That is totally awesome! I love the vibrant colors and after seeing this, I definitely will put Spain on my visiting list!

  4. Anonymous6:28 AM

    Stay inspired!

  5. Absolutely fabulous... Spain personified!

  6. This is amazing and thanks for showing us how you got there. It is great seeing other people's process and the finished product is really vibrant.

  7. Super impressive digital art. You make awesome digital images. I would say you did Spain justice! Love this piece.

  8. I love Barcelona - just been watching it on telly too! Beautifully captured.

  9. Gorgeous!! I love the light that you captured

  10. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Golly. These are great. I have been thinking about trying to some Mosaic-ing. Do you have any website resources that you would recommend?

  11. I loved seeing these awesome pictures!!!

  12. It brought back memories of a visit to Barcelona. I recognized the Parc Guell wall first. And I like 'busy'.


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