zentangle: catch up

I'm still working backwards and practicing with earlier tangle challenges provided by Laura at the Diva.  I finished two more - a couple of mono tangles and one with 'a touch of blue'.

The top pattern is betweed and the lower one is dancet (I just found this one on someone's site, but I didn't write down who - if it's yours, let me know and I'll give credit!).  I wanted to play with using one pattern but changing it up as it crossed the strings.  I did that okay, but the overall effect is too jumbled I think.  I might have to try a different pattern.  I enjoyed the idea of working with a single tangle.

shattuck, fricle, florz

I didn't use the standard 3.5" tile size this time; I wanted to explore a more free flowing style.  I didn't use a string but just kind of built it organically.  There are some parts I like a lot and others aren't as successful.  I haven't expanded to working with any color yet, so this was a fun exercise.


  1. Great patterns again, love the touch of blur! Valerie

  2. Beautiful! So glad I found your blog. :-) I've done some zentangle, but you've inspired me to try it again! I love your pieces, and the touch of blue, so nice!

  3. I think it is very beautiful!!
    It wasn't until I joined the group that I started making the 3.5x3.5 tiles. All of my other tangles are on 8.5x11 paper from my sketch pad. I have to say that I like that size bigger. It is more work, but like you said it is awesome to just let it flow.
    You are a fabulous tangler!

  4. Love the flow in the last one!

  5. Beautiful!!! glad to c ur blog

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