journal page: summer fairs

"Street fairs filled with art.  Farmer's markets filled with the freshest food.  County fairs with rides, corn on the cob and animals.  Fairs bring memories of noise, crowds, cranky kids, smelly animals, and eating too much junk food."  I haven't been to a fair in years so when I dredged up those memories from years ago, clearly not my favorite activity :)

I started this page with a premade background of abstract watercolor.  I layered on some tissue paper for texture (but it made the writing hard & sloppy), music, stamps, stenciling and I scraped my black stamp pad around the edges for some grunge.

Natty is continuing to provide some fun, light hearted prompts, so join in or see what others are doing by visiting the flickr group.


  1. Great page and theme. We've got a big funfair here just now, but it's not my thing! Havea great day, Valerie

  2. I love this idea; I did this with a recent art piece, too. It wasn't the fair, but it was going way back to a young age. It is nice to fast forward back today! Lovely piece~


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