journal page: black and white

Today's prompt from Natty didn't push any buttons for me:  Nightmare or Disastrous Trip/Vacation.  While I could think of a mishap or two, nothing came to mind worthy of that description.  So I went a different direction.  I've been wanting to do something all in black and white to try out a new gel pen.  I painted the background w/ a combo of watercolor, then acrylic on top (acrylic on the left, darker).  Then the prepped page has been sitting in my journal, waiting.

I gathered some black/white magazine snippets, a ruffle of tulle (lower right corner) with black ribbon, and then lots of doodling with the new pen.  It was fun to avoid color.  The tulle is probably unnecessary to the design, but I felt like I wanted something dimensional and that was at hand.  It's finger pleated and glued down so it really is a poof of texture in that corner.

As usual, more great journal pages using Natty's prompts are on flickr.  I'm sure others will have had a blast with this prompt.


  1. Great idea, I love black and white, but for someone who didn't like it you have done very well! Valerie

  2. Oh wow Terrie its totally stunning. x

  3. Nice page! As always ;-)


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