journal page: smells of summer

"By far my favorite summer scent is newly mowed grass followed closely by the fragrance of flowers."  I tried the tape/paint technique again on this page, but less successfully.  This time I laid down some random spots of green watercolor (grass, after all), then put the random tape, then more paint.  I think the problem was that the first layer of paint might not have been completely dry so the tape didn't hold back the next layer of paint.  I don't even really see any happy accidents in this color exploration - mostly it feels muddy rather than reflective of the way I feel when I smell newly cut grass.

Although I'd originally intended it to be only paint, I was so displeased that I opted to add the doodle flowers, but they feel too random and not connected to the background.  So - definitely not one of my favorite pages, but a learning page none-the-less.  Thanks to Happy Painter (on flickr) for the original inspiration though hers are SO much more appealing.  Also, thanks to Natty for the In The Sun prompts this week exploring our senses.  View what others are doing on the flickr page.


  1. I think it still looks good, even if it didn't quite go as you wanted. But it's always good to try things out! Love the doodled flowers! Valerie

  2. Still a good page Terrie... and you have such lovely writing.

  3. I really like this page...very visually appealing! :) Nan


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