ABC wednesday: A

I found another interesting, ongoing challenge.....Wednesday ABC - each week features the next letter in the alphabet (starting with A this week) to be illustrated in whatever manner desired.  Hmmmm - this could be fun.  This is the 9th round of this challenge!

So, here's my A - it's a collage of photos of signs using the letter A.  I made a mouse pad from the photo collage.

Do you recognize any of the sources?  The ones I remember (from top left): Sahara casino (vegas), Wild Oats, "A"sset (bank), Outback, cAsino, USA (computer store), Planet Hollywood casino, small one Harrah's casino, green A from Black Jack sign, small red A from Michaels, fat A on a slot machine, Old Navy, slot machine art (on purple), Market sign in front of new design center in Vegas, Phantom of the Opera billboard and finally an unknown....

Visit the link above to see other interpretations of A!


  1. What a clever idea, Terrie.. Glad you are joining the fun with ABC Wednesday.

  2. I love that, Terrie. Different fonts are fascinating, aren't they? x

  3. Great idea to use all those different A's! Valerie

  4. This is SO COOL. And clever. WElcome to the group.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. Most imaginative:-)

  6. Great work Terrie. Am in an ongoing A Letter A Week challenge. Check it out on my blog. Have only done the previous 6 months so far, am awaiting some special supplies for this six months.


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