a wip painting abstracted from a photo

I started this a while ago and have continued to layer and layer and erase and layer some more, trying to get the depth of color and the feeling of a rusty piece of metal here and there. Here are the steps, more or less..... Here's the piece of a photo that I'm attempting to abstract....

Scraped on a first layer of fluid green/teal random base color (with a credit card).  Then added some shades of blue.

Laid on some more colors and the first couple shades of color to become the "rust".

Added some modeling paste texture at the top and in the arc to indicate the rusty part.
Wasn't loving this direction,so painted over and added the texture circles and went off in a new direction.....

Then stenciling, dripping, more color.  It feels unfocused.  Probably because it is....I wasn't "feeling" it yet.

Of course, it needs collage!  Hated the dark mess I made of the circles on the bottom.....

Lighten up those circles, block paint the vase......liking it better.  What's a vase without flowers?

And there you have it.....some of the progression steps of my most recent piece. There may be a series of sorts in this theme......

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  1. thanks Terrie, i really like to see the ideas & changes made along the way of the painting process.


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