photo spotted: nature

Hanna has once again offered a theme and reason to wander through our photos - to "spot" a theme in how we take our photos.  This month is a hugely broad theme of "nature" - to refine it a bit, do you see a sub-theme in your photos?  A color, a season, water, trees, rocks, whatever, that you return to again and again?  Since I have about a million nature photos, this was tough.

Maybe roses?

Maybe trees?

Maybe mountain vistas?

Maybe close-up nature textures?

Or, how about gorgeous gardens?

Mother nature is so endlessly changing, so often dressed in her finery, she creates such beautiful, colorful settings - how could we mere mortals NOT love her in all her glory?  We try to capture and interpret the beauty with our cameras, our paintbrushes, our pencils and collage pieces. We find inspiration in her vistas and the teeniest of details.

Thanks Hanna for once again giving me an reason to go back and sort through some of my favorite photos.  Why don't you take a moment and look through your nature photos - and then share with us?

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