pinterest love: abstract shapes

This blog is about sharing....usually my efforts, but I have so much great inspiration on my Pinterest boards, that I'm having fun sharing some of those pieces here.  Maybe you'll find some inspiration too.....  This week it's all about art using abstract shapes..........

My board for even more ideas:  Pinterest - Art: Abstract Shapes

Rex Ray
Rex Ray - I love his use of shapes and color.  Love.

Green Painted Eggs fabric by candyjoyce on Spoonflower - custom fabric
A fabric design on Spoonflower.

Fragile, Bruno Haas, abstract painting
Fragile by Bruno Haas.

Kurt Nimmo.
by Kurt Nimmo - I found him on flickr years ago and continue to enjoy the evolution of his art.

"Blue and Gray I" abstract in circles, blues by Susan Finsen.
Blue and Gray by Susan Finsen.

Kitty Sabatier
Kitty Sabatier   I love her style - lots of mark making and wonderful shapes, primarily in blacks and grays.

Anna Barne.

Sandra Kelch

Scribble Bounce #2, 7"x22" by Jane Davies
Last but not least, Jane Davies.....I love her style of abstraction AND she gives lots of free tutorials and videos on her site as well as an extensive class offering.  I've taken one in person (wish I could take more) and thoroughly enjoyed myself and her style of teaching.  

I have shared some of my other art boards - Stripes, Circles, Dimensional and more.....Check it out if you're interested.......

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