advice request

Dan and I are in the midst of planning a trip to Paris, Avignon/Arles and possibly London for next year.  Having never been, of course we plan on seeing the major, big-name, must-see places.

What I'd love from you guys is the out-of-the-way, fun, unexpected, charming places that you've found.  Dan and I never take tours and like to explore cities on our own.  But, a little direction or suggestions about your favorite place to eat, to people watch, to sit and absorb the city....whatever, would be so appreciated.

We'll be in London 4-5 days and Paris 8-9 days and then maybe a day or two in south France.  What should we see?  Where should we go?

You can respond here in the comments or send me an email to tpurk@earthlink.net.  I just know some of you out there (yes, even you lurkers! :) must have some great ideas to share!

Thanks in advance - I just know your suggestions will make this an even better trip........

Terrie (and Dan - he'll appreciate the ideas too!)

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