More 365/2 art -

Continuing my quest to complete 365 projects for my second consecutive year.  Hit a bit of a snag in my production the last couple weeks - life just keeps getting in the way and I'm having a hard time making something every day.  But, I press on......

#276-279:  ATCs for MMSA project......haven't made any for a long time and it was fun to make little bits of art again.....
The bottom left pocket is actually made from a shiny silver envelope liner, not this dark gray thingy.

#280 - layers of painting made with drips and stencils, scribbles and shapes.  Still a work in progress.

#281 - I'm pleased with how this one turned out.....my first time using modeling paste (lower left). There's tons of layers that weren't going anywhere until I decided to collage some book pages in a rough vase shape.....then, it was easy and kinda finished itself.


#282 &; 283 - Laura shared how she makes her collages using polymer medium and a tacking iron.  I thought it was interesting but didn't follow up on it.....then I saw that Karen gave it a try and fell in love with the process so that pushed me to try...... I bought a jar of the polymer on sale at Michael's and just used my regular iron on its lowest setting.  Here's my first couple of "iron on" collages, no glue used!  Then a bit of paint added.  

I used various weights of paper, some deli paper, tissue paper, magazines, etc.  Everything stayed in place really well.  You can see more detail on Karen's blog and Laura's made a how-to video.

#284 - a journal page still experimenting with polymer collaging. I made a fabulous discovery. I put polymer on both sides of this drying leaf and let it dry then I ironed it on with other collage pieces. I turned the iron up a bit and it was too hot so kind of melted the polymer off the front of the leaf (you iron over a piece of freezer paper so no iron was hurt in this process!) but  absolutely firmly sealed it to the journal page with no crinkles, wrinkles, or tears!  I love this discovery!

I'll continue sharing my progress - and watching yours. Have a creative weekend!

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