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I decided to have a single pinterest board for collage and mixed media because, for me, there is often a cross-over.  So for this brief foray into my Collage and Mixed Media board I'll just focus on some of the cool examples of collage I've come across.  Maybe you'll find some inspiration here......

collage inspiration
Found on Flickr.

jacki long collage w/ text
By Jacki Long  - I like this unusual way of using text.

a new direction by felicianna, via Flickr; fun use of pattern arrows!

A New Direction by Felicianna on flickr  Her flickr pages are filled with fun little mail art sized collages and more.  I have pattern paper and never thought to really use it like this - great idea!

Delight in Summer (by Kathy Paper Pumpkin)
Delight in Summer by Kathy Z, flickr

George Fischer - Contemporary Artist
By George Fischer

Melinda Tidwell
I've long been a fan of Melinda Tidwell's work.  She does lots with old book covers and cover papers - everything fairly neutral, and as much as I love color, I find myself drawn to her calmer work.

Melinda Tidwell
Another brilliant example of Melinda's work (with a bit more color) - look how she uses shades of bits of paper layered together.......love it.

Julia Trigg, Signals: no. 1
Signals #1 by Julia Trigg  - she must have a great collection of ephemera to choose from!

Click to Close - Jill Ricci

Jill Ricci makes such fun collages and always has a variation of this shape as her base.....so appealing.

donna watson
Another long time favorite collage artist is Donna Watson. She has an Asian aesthetic and often incorporates Asian text or dimensional elements - generally her style is spare and dramatic.

crystalneubauer:    Selah! by Crystal Neubauer
By Crystal Neubauer

Umberto Manzo
By Umberto Manzo

Paper cut overlay.. scroll nearly all the way down to find this collage idea.
Cut out a shape and overlay it on top of a stripey or dotty collage - idea by A Faithful Attempt.

Typographic Stripes by Hugo Werner
By Hugo Werner (on flickr) - another great use of type to make a dramatic collage.....it's all about finding the right bits/pieces/edges/colors.

Well, I could go on and on and on.  Collage is endlessly fascinating and can be creatively challenging - I have the most fun gathering for collage - gathering magazines, menus, random bits and pieces of pretty or ugly or interesting paper.  Stacks and stacks of paper.  I may have to go back to 365 collages again next year to make a dent in all the paper!

Check out my Pinterest board for even more inspiration.......  Have a creative week.


  1. Anonymous2:52 AM

    Love the typographic collages always. xox

  2. You and I have similar tastes - I loved every one of those and will go back and explore the artists further. It's great that you've curated all those fun boards. I cruise pinterest on my tablet in the evenings when I'm winding down for the day. Very enjoyable to have Sooo much to look at all in one place. And to think I couldn't see the point of pinterest when it came out.
    Just noticed no more google+. Cool.

  3. really loving Melinda Tidwell's work. Thanks for the introduction!

  4. Yes ..thanks for highlighting Melinda Tidwell and Julia Trigg.So interesting.


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