365/2 continuing progress

My main art accomplishments lately are more pages in the gratitude journals I'm making and they're keeping me on my 365 project path.....

Here's one where I cut a random curved edge to the paper then doodled to follow the shape - the other side of the page is below. (I used my computer to kinda draw the edge, hence the ugly black wavy line - but you get the idea, right? each of the top petals is cut out)

Scrapbook paper for Valentine's week.

Splattered some watercolors then doodled hearts. Another version below.

Had a little watercolor overun from the other side along the edges.  Oh well...... art happens!

A few more later this week to catch you up ...........


  1. These are gonna be cool gifts. I especially like the flowers and curvy doodles on the first two. Inktense pencils, I presume?

  2. These journals are going to be so beautiful. What a labor of love.


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