week 8 for 365-2

February 17-23

Continuing with my weekly Documented Life pages - this week's theme is "add a flap to your flap".

#48 - kind of an uninspired double spread this week...I forgot to write my artsy notes during the week so had to try to remember and recap on Friday.  Acrylic paints spread w/ a credit card; the right hand side is my 'flap with a flap'.

I got the Thurber quote card tucked in a gift envelope and it seemed the perfect topper to my layers of flaps.

#49 - some doodled stars for MMSA mail art theme

#50 - a few origami folds to make a star - my first origami attempts ever and I really enjoyed it....will definitely be trying it again.  Thanks You Tube!

#51 - a digital collage of some of my pics for the MMSA grid theme

#52 - here's the next phase of my round robin zine - this participant wanted a sea or mermaid related theme, so I tried my hand at my rusty watercolor skills for a little seascape and since my limited drawing skills couldn't tackle a mermaid, I managed just her tail....

#53 - my last collage for the International Collage Exchange

#54 - more mail art with a grid for MMSA

Did you find time to be creative this week?  Did you make a postcard and send a little mail art to someone?  Were you a lucky recipient of some happy mail?  I hope so.  Maybe you even got one from me...... :)


  1. Wow, you had a good week! I love your weekly wrap ups but find them tough to comment on cause I want to say something about every single item and would end up with war and peace. But I love the star tangles, really cool. I'm quite impressed with your watercolor beach scene, and the drawn grid of squares with the thread going in and out is fabulous. A very creative idea. Yay you!

  2. Anonymous3:44 AM

    Love that map flower and your doodles....fabulous my friend. xox

  3. there's so much to love here! I was very impressed by your origami stars when I opened them yesterday. I'm loving that circle grid on the bottom.


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