week 5 for 365-2

My Monday creative check in.....  I managed to make art every day last week and just love it.  I usually unwind at night in front of the TV and then spend most of the evening feeling guilty that I'm being a "flat Martha" (you must read this post!).  I finally discovered a solution.  I've filled a mid-sized bin with some basic notebook supplies: pens, markers, colored pencils, parallel pen, and a couple notebooks.  That way I can doodle, draw, sketch, whatever while I mindlessly watch TV!  Plus, at the end of the night it all goes back in the bin for a tidy room til I'm in the mood again.  This solution kept me busy every night this week....

I'm participating in a round robin zine and sent off my first installment to Dori:

Am now caught up in the Documented Life notebook (week 5)
      week 4: hidden/secret word/message - I made foldover tabs covering my inspirational words

Tabs open (under endless is the word 'discovery'):

      week five:  doodle a border

I added a list on the left of the artsy things I did and like that at a glance I can look back through the year and see what I've worked on - think I'll keep that element each week!

Started working on a couple of canvases that I picked up cheap at a yard sale last summer - early steps:

Not sure where they're going, but at least they're going!

Made a long overdue postcard for Leslie - promised her something hand lettered......

I've received a ton of mail art in the last few days so now I have to get busy and generate some replies!  I imagine next week's creativity may revolve around mail art!


  1. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Canvas love, purple is stirring me lately too. xox

  2. Terri, your little bird caught my eye immediately! The map paper highlights corner brook and marble mountain, in my home province of Newfoundland!

    Shine on!

  3. Love your ADL spread. I need to doodle more but I get so empty headed about what to doodle. Maybe I'll peek back here when the time comes...
    Got my card, thanks. Love hand lettered things and think I will put this in my ADl journal so that it becomes part of my year.
    Great map bird and flowers also. You had a good week!


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