week 7 for 365-2

February 10-16
We had major birthday celebration activities that interfered with my art making time this week.  We had a combined weekend celebration for a bunch of friends turning 60 this year - food, talk and laughter, a little whirlyball activity (basically bumper car basketball), more food, some drinking here and there....you get the picture.  Nonetheless I managed to get some artsy stuff done....

#41 - round robin zine page sent off to Dori

#42 - Documented Life, wk 7 theme is to use a repeating shape and add color.  I picked hearts in honor of Valentine's Day.

I like adding flaps, tip-ins, foldovers, stuff to hide and surprise.  Below is what's under the flaps.  On the left is my weekly log of artsy doin's.

stitches, doodles, scrapbook paper, lettering

#43 - spent a half hour before work making a few postcards..... using my favorite base material, cardboard from a pepsi/popcorn/cereal box.

#44 - My buddy Jo has been bugging encouraging me to submit collages to the International Collage Exhibition and Exchange.  I've admired her collages and paintings since we met so I was a little intimidated, but finally decided to go ahead and participate this year.  So I got busy.....I chose a few of my favorites from last year's 365 collages and added some new ones:  (they're about 5x7 and mounted on 8x10 watercolor paper). There's still time for you to participate if you're interested (March 20 deadline) - check out the link above.
deli paper, ephemera, textured wallpaper, typeface from my vintage book on tan cardstock

#45 - another collage with gelli paper, white novelty paper, feather and a bit of copper flashing on cardstock
#46 - I love the contrast using a black background gives- all novelty papers from Dick Blick
#47 - collage with scribbled-on deli paper, handmade (not by me) papers, book edges, and a round bead (the background is actually a light tan, not this pinkish color the scanner manufactured!)
That wraps up another busy creative week.  Hope you enjoyed your week and found time to be creative!


  1. Love these Terrie....am so glad you are joining in. Hope I get one of yours.

  2. Anonymous6:56 AM

    I know Jo....mentioned it to me too, maybe I will get around to it. Love your leafy cards...so cheery. xox


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