week 6 for 365-2

This week (Feb 3-9) I managed to stay creative:

#34 - working in my moleskin - quote lettering colored in with inktense watercolor pencils.
         The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.  If you ignore beauty, 
you will find yourself without it.  - unknown

#35 - rediscovering my long-neglected art journal - the backgrounds are brayer clean-off pages

#36 - starting an acrylic painting on a 12x12 canvas - I'm liking the layers in this early phase.....

#37 - some digital play with a photo I took of a clematis pod....

#38 - a little more complex digi art; started with a photo, added textures, scanned artwork of mine, changed colors and then added a scrapbooking element - the tree.  All the layers ended up looking like I wish my gelli prints would look :)  (the hint of a face is of a foo dog statue photo I took in China)

#39 - documented life, week 6 - create something inspired by a Pinterest image
Okay, this was hard!  I have thousands of images pinned on my boards and choosing one - sheesh.  I finally settled on something recent.  Donna Downey is having a class and shares her students' work on a theme - I played along.....
Karen Clewell
Cheryl Fowler

Mine - collaged text pages for a base, acrylic paints.

#40 - progress on my dyptych
It's my first attempt at using deli paper and I'm a fan!  I wasn't sure it was the right kind (though I got it at Costco) and one side is waxy and the other side is matte.  So I used a marker and experimented writing on both sides, then used matte medium to attach to the canvas. The stripes were created with blue painter tape. Again - I like some portions and others, not so much.  More work needed.

Fun week with a variety of artsy things....hope you got to explore new things too!


  1. What a wonderful artsy week indeed. I would love to have been with you. page 38 made me smile I wish my gelli prints would look something like this too! Your lettering is lovely.

  2. Busy as always. Learning more each day.

  3. Good to see you're staying busy. I quite like the lettering and the red digital piece. The tree and moon spread is neat too.


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