round robin art journal

I got my completed round robin journal back and it's so utterly amazing!  There were 6 of us participating, so I had the privilege of having five talented ladies make lovely art for me.  The theme for my handmade journal was Favorite Quotes and there are some old favorites as well as new-to-me quotes.

Here's a page by page browse through my journal now that it's made it home to me.

The cover I made and my theme.

This spread isn't signed but I think it's by Carroll.  It has an amazing amount of layers and the little lady on the right is adorable - those articulated arms slay me!

Most of the contributors don't have blogs so I can't link to them, but I can thank them - once again!
The one below is by Paula G. - beautiful painting

This delightful layout is by Carroll D - the stitched in painted face flips over for an extensive quote on the back and those teal pages are just a wealth of texure and color with a bit of gold sparkle. I love the dimension added here!

The teardrops and diamonds are a raised texture (gesso through a stencil maybe?) and the lettering had to be time consuming - (not signed but I think it's Leslie's)

Peggy L put together the next two pages below - this spread has 3 great quotes and is beautifully collaged.

I love the soft color, the doodles and the quotes - so many great inspirational quotes!  Thanks Peggy.

Paula also did this page of hearts.  I love that the biggest ones are loose and mobile and the quote is written inside the folded white hearts. Such a clever idea and beautifully executed!

Again, not signed (come on ladies, how do I know who to thank???) - could be Leslie or Laurie

Laurie created this colorful, textured layout and each of those hand drawn letters is cut out for an extra layer. So pretty!

The back cover I made a pocket for each lady to make a tag:

Stunning, right?  This was an amazing experience and one I'd love to do again.  The only thing to mar the pleasure is that Peggy hasn't received her journal back yet and I mailed it over a week ago.  We're a little worried it's lost in the mail somewhere which breaks my heart since I know she would love the pages that were made.  I'm still hoping it turns up!


  1. Haha, Terrie, yes that is mine with the lady and her articulated arms..! And I thought I had been so careful to sign everything...! What an amazing journal .. I love mine too.

  2. Utterly amazing is right! Beautiful work, everyone!

  3. What a stunning book Terrie, definitely one to treasure. You can see the amount of work and friendship on each glorious page.
    Huge hugs x

  4. Anonymous1:00 PM

    How wonderful, what a keepsake of artistic treasures from your group. xox

  5. What a fantastic idea and so beautifully created.
    Each page shows an amazing amount of dedication and talent.
    One to be treasured for sure ;D

  6. beautiful. What a treasure.

  7. I did the east, west page. Thought I at least put my initials but apparently not lol. So glad you like everything, yours was fun.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous. And I've become so familiar with all of your work through MMSA that it's like looking at the faces of friends on those pages. Have faith that your journal will arrive in Peggy's hands. I've been finding delivery times much slower than usual lately. I don't know what to attribute it to, but MMSA stuff is taking a week or even two weeks to arrive.

    1. The happy news is that my journal took a full two weeks to arrive...but it finally did! It's glorious and I treasure every page. Thanks, Terrie, for showing all our work. You made a beautiful journal to work in.


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