valentine's surprise

It's not every woman who is lucky enough to have a husband who thinks of her even when he's exercising!  Dan went on a bike ride this afternoon and came home with a gift for me......a stick.  Yep, my thoughtful husband is now keeping his eyes open for things from nature that he thinks will please or surprise me and that maybe will show up in a piece of art some day.

AND he even went to the computer to make the label!  The nest was a find a couple weeks ago and was a real winner.  The stick.....I'm not as sure :)  (the feather with the red tip I'd found on the ground when we were on vacation and it survived the trip home)

Thanks for my gift honey; you're the best!


  1. Lovely little nest and I always pick up feathers despite people going eeuuuw. Not too sure about the stick. What about appealed to him?

  2. I hate to disagree Terrie...but my hubby's THE BEST!!! Still...yours is pretty good.

  3. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Well you have to admit that hubby has you in his mind, which is a lovely thing.....xox

  4. Lovely finds Terries husband. It is my son who brings things in 'for your faffing mother'. I love that red tipped feather.


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