quite a feet

My vacation synopsis:

Hiking the trail to Englishman River Falls.  Gorgeous!

Lots of riding in the car - couple of hours to Victoria, then a few days later a couple of hours to Tofino.

Walking through the historical Empress Hotel.

Resting with my art supplies ready to go and some of my beachcombing treasures.

Me and Dan and the Parksville beach for a little sun.

Hiking the Wild Pacific Trail.

The Ucluelet lighthouse and me.

We're exhausted so it's time to put our feet up and relax - it is a vacation after all!

This last one to prove my whole body was on vacation, not just my feet!  Lorinda sent us on this gorgeous scenic drive through Victoria and we discovered this pretty beach - thanks Lorinda!

I thought of the feet idea early on the trip but could NOT remember to take the photo everywhere - as soon as we'd leave a place I'd say, "Oh no, I forgot to get my feet in the photo!"  But how many times do you really need to see my feet anyway?

By the way - I sent out 20, count 'em 20, handmade postcards yesterday.  I was so excited to get them finished and addressed and in the mail that I totally forgot to take a photo!  I can't believe it!  So, no preview of all that outgoing arty goodness, you'll just have to be surprised when one shows up in your mailbox.


  1. I forget the camera easily when I am out and about or have company. This was such a cute idea!! Loved it. :)

  2. Ha ha ha, love the 'footie' photos, what a fab fun way to share your lovely holiday. Awe Terrie, wanted to say thank-you again too for the brilliant blog ladies you pointed me to, what wonderful, fresh and cheerful things they all make (like your good self too my lovely). I am hoping to find some time to do some informal mail-art to send off too, tee hee, you are top of the list literally and I hope over time to just work my way down said list. I love the fact that there is no pressure this way, very refreshing.
    Big hugs x x x x

  3. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Great feet on the street! Love those toes - turquoise toes. Sounds like a great vacation. xox

  4. Love the feet themed pictures and the blue tonails!! My favorite one is the two of you on the beach with ya'll playing footsie!! ;) waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  5. I love your unique way of showing your vacation--much more interesting than mine, lol! Great fun watching your feet travel!

  6. Look'in good Terrie! :]
    Such a clever idea, photographing your toes for the trip. ((LOL)) Love it...

  7. Those are perfect sunny holidays toes... love the photos and excited to see your notebook being used!!!!! This is the perfect way to share holiday pics... great fun... and I got a postcard in the mail today... it is beautiful and I am off to the shop tomorrow to get a frame so it can go up in the studio... love that a bit of you will be with me as I paint every day!!!!!!

  8. Love your vacation shots. A real "feet" to manage all those photos like you did. I've been looking back on your other art, and love the large canvas. Layers and layers will only add interest to this piece. Glad you and your feet had such a great time on vacation.

  9. Happy Holidays!!!
    best regards,

  10. And what cute feet you have too. LOVED the pics!

  11. Ok, I NEED to know what color you're sporting on your toes!! Loving that color!
    polish addict

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