happiness is: a pretty door

Inspiration Avenue chose one of my favorite things to photograph this week as its theme:  DOORS.  Travel with me as I show you some of the doors I've photographed over the years.

As recently as last week on vacation, this doorway in Nanaimo caught my eye.

Church doors in Indianapolis, IN

Sometimes it's the closeup version of a door that is intriguing.

Beijing, China - we learned about all the symbolism in this doorway, but I'll be darned if I can remember it.

A Madrid bookstore - one of my favorite types of doors.

Nothing here to give scale, but these doors were massive - 3 panels = the standard door height.  Taken at Alhambra castle, Spain.

This church door in Barcelona was tucked away down a quiet alley - we found it totally by accident (aren't some of the best finds done that way?)

I love this door of a small merchant's stall to a souvenir shop in Rabat, Morocco.

Across the street from the capitol building in Montpelier, VT is this surprising door.  Dan was taking photos of the capitol building and I turned to this instead.

As you can see from this (and from the posts from other participants who all have equally fascinating door images/drawings), doors come in so many shapes, sizes and colors.  Each one has a story and if my imagination worked that way, I'd come up with a clever story of what's going on behind one of these doors.  But alas, my brain is creative in other ways, so I hope you're happy just seeing this selection of really cool doors!  Be sure to visit Inspiration Avenue to see more.


  1. Gorgeous door pics, Terrie!! I must admit that I haven't taken any door pics that I can think of but I do LOVE seeing them....particularly turquoise! They are an art form in themselves in many cases.

  2. You are SO well traveled, it is only fitting you would bring out the doors that appeal while on vacation. These are ALL precious.

  3. Wow! All of these are so fascinating! Spain is one country that I have never visited but would love to go! After seeing some of these fabulous doors--even more so!

  4. I think my favorites have always been the various humungous wooden double church doors. I've always loved them. And there's nothing like a door with a window (like the blue one). Lovely! And what variety! :)

  5. Ooh what stunning pictures! I love the Barcelona one - fabulous shapes and curves! And I'm alsmost tempted to visit Nanaimo just to see those gorgeous doors for myself! x

  6. Your selections are so delightfully diverse! The church doors are gorgeous but what grabbed me most was the fabulous door knob, what a great shot! Oh the last picture of the painted door.. when i looked at it i thought, boy that looks just like Vermont and lo and behold it's from Montpelier, and i've been there! houses and doors are so creative here! great post Terrie! :D


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