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Dina Wakley (Ponderings) is encouraging everyone to pull inspiration from your art journal and get it onto canvas.....I've been wanting to do that so took this prompt to heart.  Each Monday in August she posts the participants for the week, so if you want to join in, post today or tomorrow (Sunday) or join in next week.....

Remember that big (to me) canvas I bought at a yard sale a month or so ago?
I bought it to experiment on, so what better time than now?

I started by covering it with gesso and squirting acrylics on and then diving in and finger painting in a big, loose, messy way.

Nice bright colors but only a first layer.

After living with it a couple days decided it all needed to be knocked back so added big swooshes of gesso and left some ridges for additional texture.

Today I had the bright idea of using one of the stencils I won from Diana Trout - it's from the cathedral (I think) series and when repeated 4 times creates this wonderful square that's probably 12"x12".

That's where I am for now....making layers and seeing where it will take me.  I'm linking up this week but won't be able to next week because no work will have been done (I'm going on vacation!).


  1. Ooh, I'm liking it so far...............!

    Have a great vacation :)

  2. Love your approach to this Terrie and can't wait to see how it develops. Looks fab so far honey.
    Have a wonderful holiday wherever you may be off to.
    Big hugs x x x x

  3. A fun way to approach this. Hope you have a fun vacation!

  4. i love the vibrant colours and swooshes of gesso, fab stencil image too. hopped over from dina's blog to see what everyone else has created! x

  5. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Ooh keep going it has so,many possibilities. xox

  6. Can hardly wait to see where you go next with it. Have a great vacation! :)

  7. It has so much energy, great beginning!

  8. Loving all of the layering. Can't wait to see how it ends up!

  9. it is developing very nicely,

    fabulous colours



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