a little time for art

I've managed to find just a little time for art this week.....a couple of art journal pages....

Then, while on vacation, I was mulling around what to do with my big, WIP canvas.  Toying with this idea and that.  Wondering, speculating, visualizing.  One night as I'm laying in bed trying to sleep, I got a germ of an idea....tossed and turned some more and as I laid there kept telling myself "don't forget this in the morning"..."use this color palette"....."remember this plan".  Finally I just had to get up and sketch the idea, write it all down and get it out of my head.

One of the things I noticed about not having access to a computer and the ability to peruse everyone else's wonderful art is that I started to feel more confident about my own.  I started having ideas and sparks that I feel like are just mine.  It took a few days of NOT thinking about art to have the art come bubbling to the top and my little sketchbook (my new moleskine that I wasn't sure I'd like) has numerous beginnings, baby ideas, and 'what ifs'.

Once home I wanted to try out my idea in my journal and see what I liked or didn't before moving to the big canvas.  Here's my trial pages.....

As a reminder, here's the big canvas when last I showed it - I'd covered up much of the riot of color and added this bold stencil - which I like but wasn't feeling connected to.

So I painted the whole thing gray - shades of black, white, gray but with hints of the former layers and colors still peeking through.....don't know how much, if any, will be there at the end, but that's the joy, right?  And I'm thinking a vertical orientation instead of my typical landscape.....

This weekend I MUST focus on making some mail art....I have so many beautiful cards that I've received and want to respond to.  BUT, I also am feeling the pull to work on this baby.  Will let you know how it goes.

[ed to add] I'm adding this to Artists in Blogland - a great resource to see what other folks are up to artistically.  I often forget this great weekly resource....just link up one of your posts showing what you've been up to in the last week so people can find you -


  1. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Nice creative play. Your canvas is getting it's next juicy layer with bits still showing, cab't wait for the next installment. Mail art catch up oh yeah me too! xox.

  2. follow that pull! when I feel like my art is turning into "should" and "must", all the life gets sucked out of it. If that canvas calls, forget the mail for a few more days. such an interesting discovery that your vision became clearer and more confident in the absence of what we typically call inspiration. something for me to ponder...

  3. Terrie, it is very "Inspiring" to see what you have been artfully involved with lately! :)
    Always great to see how other creative- minds work the process... Letting it unfold is so magical. ~xx

  4. Hi Terrie, I've never covered up a WHOLE canvas. I sometimes cover up part of it. I like your journal page. I too am happy when I spend time painting! Patsy from
    HeARTworks and

  5. Terrie, I am so glad I read you just Now. I have two 12 by 12" boards I textured up and then had painted a delicious turquoise, but then they sat and sat, where I saw them all the time, [nowhere to hide them in the Wee Cottage] so this past week I decided to paint them some more and more and Now they scare me. So dark, so NOT feeling connected. I have thought I could just gesso over them, and seeing yours I think, well, mayBE so. what does it matter, really?!
    I think you might want to NOT "should" on yourself and just follow the beams of light that are hopping onto your path. Looking forward to seeing where you go from here.

  6. Love your art journal pages Terrie and cannot wait to see your finished painting. The background is gorgeous and I do like the orientation you've chosen = ) I found you at Artists in Blogland and so glad I made the visit over here!

  7. Oh Terrie! I love your trial pages! This is going to be a wonderful piece. Amazing what happens when we stay in only our own head for a while. xx

  8. Love your flowers. Be waiting to see what you make with the last one. It's almost like a blank canvas--filled with possibilities! :)

  9. love your gray/yellow color combo. it looks great.


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