beach time

This weekend was high summer here in Seattle - over 85 both days! :)  D and I took advantage and spent the afternoon at the beach. (you know I just realized how much effort I was expending to not mention his name - I see other folks who have charming names for their significant others so as not to refer to them by name.....but, honestly, I'm all over the web with blogs, flickr, FB, etc and mention his name all the time, so there's really no expectation of privacy and I have no secrets...so I give up on that - hubby's name is Dan. There, I said it. In the future, I'll refer to him as ..... Dan.)

Anyway....a few beach photos from summer in Seattle!

Here's my obligatory foot photo - and that's as much as I got in the water....it's freakin' cold!

Don't these rocky Washington beaches look appealing?  He actually has a lounger cushion under his towel...not laying directly on rocks!

Occurred naturally, didn't help mother nature along.  Looks like kelp salad doesn't it?

Beautiful colors in this wood, huh?

Rocks on driftwood log with iron bar.....
Hope you all had a relaxing, pleasant summery weekend as well.


  1. Lovely photos! Stony beaches always have so many interesting things to see. Valerie

  2. Oh Terrie, thanks for my little trip to the beach. It's been cold here again today, but at least we did see the sun.
    I get carried away when visiting a pebble beach...I just want to take all the interesting one's home!
    Oh nearly forgot "Hello Dan...pleased to meet you" :D
    I feel the same about calling my hubby Phil...my OH (Other Half) When I first started blogging, I was paranoid about my privacy but as time goes on I'm becoming less bothered. Unfortunately I now get confused when writing emails to people because I started using my brother's nick name for me...'Neesie'... but my name is Denise!
    I've explained it to a few people, but now they insist they have always known me as Neesie and that's the way they'll keep it!!! ;D
    I don't mind as long as they call me something polite.
    Have a great week ~ enjoy!

  3. Hi Terrie, that beach looks wonderful! I have never been to Washington state. I'm a little envious of your cool weather, it has been way over 85˚ here all Summer, but today is in the 70's yay! I am ready for Fall.

  4. Hi Terrie, what fab photos, looks like you had a wonderful sunny and relaxing day. Lol, love the nail polish too.
    Im so lucky to have some sandy beaches close by, those rather large pebbles look a bit uncomfy, your hubby sure had the right idea with his cushion underneath.
    Thanks for sharing honey,
    Big hugs x x x x

  5. Glad you had a chance to go out and enjoy the nice weather--the foot photo looks refreshing! I would actually trade some of your weather for ours right now. The heat & humidity are really starting to get to me!

    Those rocks remind me of the beach we visited on the French Riviera in Nice--we had to walk over them to get to the water & boy did they hurt!

  6. I absolutely love that photo of the water rushing over your feet! Glad he had a chair cushion- those rocks look, well, rocky.

  7. this is the first year I'm having a lake vacation instead of an ocean vacation and I miss the beach and all those gorgeous beach stones. On the other hand, my lake water is so warm I can float in it for hours without getting cold, and there's no way I can do that in the frigid part of the Atlantic we get here in New England (much like your patch of the Pacific).

  8. That water looks SO inviting. I haven't been to a beach in years and years. Living in a land-locked state makes it impossible. So seeing your photos made it so much fun, almost like a vacation. BTW, I'll take 85 F any day. It would seem like paradise. Our nights are not much cooler than that here.

  9. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Great collections, I know how cold that water is I am surprised you even put your toes in!! xox

  10. The rocks and wood are a nice combo. I know how cold that water is! We're hooked on the caribbean, and I took the same pic of my toes in the water a few weeks ago. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  11. nice photos, though the beach rocks made me cringe a bit... I need soft white sand and very warm water... totally hopeless at the cold water thing... too spoilt here in Queensland I suppose... and you were rocking the nail polish!!!! very summery...xx

  12. Looks like my kind of beach. Hope you and D had lots of fun.

  13. Looks like my kind of beach. Hope you and D had lots of fun.


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