I can't believe I forgot this.....

I'm a winner!  By leaving a comment on the fabulous blog of Diana Trout, I was eligible to win a set of stencils.  And by some miracle, I won! :)  I've been following Diana's blog for some time and love her style - she works in art journals, fabric, and does some bookmaking. She shares lots of info so if you're not familiar with her, be sure and visit.

This was all during my blackout period (no, not as in drinking, as in no blogging...) and while I did take a few minutes to try them all (how could I not!!), I totally spaced about sharing them.  When I went up to the art room to fling some glue and paint just now, there they are, sitting on my desk. Patiently. Enticingly. Encouragingly.

I did remember to thank Diana (and co-sponsor Sue Bleiweiss and Artist Cellar Stencils) for the 28, yes 28!, stencils (retail value $120) and here they are....used on my ICAD index cards because that's what was handy and I figured I could put them on a ring to remember what each one looked like.  They are packed 4 themed stencils to a set which I tried to scan together....

This last one actually made it onto a journal page....I love the start of this page.

It's almost too much of a good thing - which one do I try first?  How do I keep them accessible and remember to that I have this wealth of background-making, pattern-making goodies waiting?  I should have more such problems, right?  :)

Again, thanks to Diana and Sue - I see a big flurry of arty activity in my future!  :)


  1. Enjoy! I love working with stencils, I am sure you will have fun! Valerie

  2. Ooooh you lucky lady, what a fab stash of stencils for you. Enjoy lots and lots as I'm sure you will. I love stencils too and have an ever increasing collection now, lol, i'm not at all jealous!!
    Big hugs x x x x

  3. that is so exciting! I love Diana's work. Can't wait to see how your incorporate these into your art. and btw - your monochromatic postcards came today! time for me to scan, post and start swapping!

  4. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Wow, what a treat!
    Stay inspired!

  5. Wow, Terrie,

    I believe I'm coming down with a serious case of stencil envy,


  6. Wow! What a win!! Lucky, lucky, you. These will soon be seen in much of your lovely art.

  7. Congrats on such a great win!

  8. Congrats! I can see so many possibilities with these stencils. Your ICAD cards are a great way to keep track of the patterns & thy made me think how awesome they would be layered! Have fun!

  9. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Yippee! Diana is so free and inspirational, you will - oops already are - having a ball. xox

  10. wow these are terrific! congratulations, its great to be a winner, isn't it? :)) ENJOY

  11. Hip, hip... Hooray!
    Look at all these wonderful painted paper backgrounds, super fun! And yes, VERY INSPIRING TOO :)

  12. Heavenly prize! Congratulations!

  13. Hi, Terrie!
    I wanted to let you know I got your postcard today. I couldn't find your email in your profile, so I'm thanking you here.
    How nice to find new friends through swaps! Thank you for your lovely red "Love" card!

  14. I love those, especially the reverse images, I've never seen that. Lucky win!


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