working in black and white

I'm always drawn to simple black and white collages so decided to try my hand at it and use my new black gesso again.  I love it - love the ease and completeness of coverage and it makes a great surface...maybe better than the white.

journal pages


I bit the bullet, sucked it up, pulled on my big girl pants, and signed up for 2 Jane Davies' classes at the Art and Soul retreat in Portland, OR in October.  I'm excited, a little intimidated, excited, a little anxious.....but really looking forward to learning from one of my favorite artists.  A first for me -- taking an art class where my efforts will be on display.  I can do it, right Karen? (my favorite cheerleader!)


  1. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Love them both. I got black gesso in my last art supply order, but haven't used it yet. Yay about your classes. I know you'll get revved up!
    Stay inspired!

  2. Black Gesso always makes impact! Good for you signing up for the courses! Valerie

  3. Personally I thing black gesso gives a much better quality of cover and loving how you've worked it. Annette x

  4. Oooh! I love these pages, Terrie. I actually got out my jar of black gesso when I was doing art journaling with my two little grandgirls only to find it was hard as a rock.

    I will just have to get to Michael's and get some more. You've inspired me,


  5. Black and white is super!!! Lucky you... let us know about the workshop... if you have time to take some pics.

  6. Yay Terrie! That's so exciting! I loved my RISD class last weekend - haven't gotten around to blogging about it yet, but it was a great experience. even with that under my belt I'd be totally intimidated by Jane Davies, but I'd do it anyway. I love your black and white pages - my bottle of black gesso is nearly empty. time for a trip to the art supply store :)

  7. Nice! I like them both!
    Enjoy the classes at the retreat! I bet that is going to be just awesome. :)

  8. so glad you're loving the black gesso so much. your b & w pieces are great. gonna have to try that. they're so crisp and striking. and I am SO happy you signed up for Jane's classes!! we'll find a class to take together yet, just you wait. xx

  9. This is "FANTASTIC!"
    You are going to have a blast... :]

  10. classes are exciting and scary all at once, but I am sure you will not only learn heaps but also make some wonderful friends... I can't wait to hear about it and live a little vicariously through you and your experiences... so excited for you...xx


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