delicious mail art

I'm SO behind, but gradually catching up.  One happy day recently I checked the mail and had a STACK of incoming mail art.  STACK!  I can't believe how uplifted and smiley I felt after looking through all that artistic goodness.  Some were from a MMSA swap, some from IUOMA, some from blogging buddies.  What a haul!  It'll take me a little time to catch up, but I will get some art out soon!

The mail art joy continued throughout the week with a birthday packet or two and more postcards. You guys are the BEST!

Here goes:
Four great 'trashpo' cards (made entirely from recycled stuff that would otherwise be in the trash) from the MMSA swap (you get one in return for each one you send).

The top one is from Sherry H. who lives in AK and her card is filled with AK info; the lower starry card  is from Nydia in CT.  She recycled a dental p/c and added stars everywhere, even on the back. 

The top card is from Connie T. in NY and is all about snack food wrappers - what an excellent idea! The bottom card is from the always creative Corrine at Dosfishes.  Where did she find that cow stamp?

Above, a beautiful piece of digital art on a card from Michelle at Brain Angles - if you haven't seen her work yet, it's worth a visit to her blog. She combines digital effects with mixed media pieces for some stunning pieces.

These two cards are of each sender's personal art on a glossy printed card!  Sherry's intricate zentangled piece has so much movement and the little bits of color really add a lot.  Lorinda's (Everyday Endeavors) postcard features a close up of one of her mixed media pieces (just look at all those layers). I love them both!  Thanks ladies.

The garden notes card is thickly covered in paint and papers making this impressionistic floral card - stunning! It's from Lee K. in Alberta Canada - her blog is Defining Me (though she's taking a break this summer).  The lower card is from Barbara D in NC and she wants to join the mail art fun - something will be going her way soon!

This dimensional postcard didn't scan well - that sunshine is actually bright yellow and made of fimo clay (?), a butterfly sticker, ribbon and layered cutouts for the design at the bottom. What a beautiful card from Debbie at Craftymoose!  The handmade envelope actually goes with Gina's card below (got 'em mixed up).

The top stunning botanical drawing is from my Aussie buddy Tracey Fletcher King - it arrived in a packed filled with lovely goodies that I just love. The bottom card is from Gina V. - check out her flickr account.  Gina has an ongoing call for mail art that you can read about here.

Karen at I am Rushmore sent me a delightful packet of goodies including this postcard and just amazing bookmark.  I am gathering an embarrassing wealth of gorgeous handmade bookmarks.  Never fear, they are used with great pleasure!

Then, I received my first ever zine!  What a welcome surprise! April at April Cole Studio draws the most amazing faces and her little 8 page zine is filled with bits of them. I'm so inspired, I want to try it too.  I'll add it to the list!  Thanks so much April - I just love it!

Last, but not least, cards received just today - from Corrine and from an IUOMA member in OR.
Top one, IUOMA, bottom one - a stylish one from Corrine.....I can always recognize her cards...doesn't she have some great washi tape?

Thanks to every one of you for making my last couple of weeks so filled with yummy art even when I haven't been able to make any myself.  You all inspire me.  Now, I'll be getting my creative hat on and making some return mail!  I tried to give links to everyone that I could....hopefully I didn't forget anyone.

Outgoing - just a small mailing for now to make sure Karen gets it in time for the swap:


  1. Wow, great stuff! Enjoy, Valerie

  2. wow fabulous mail art, x

  3. A mailbox filled with colorful surprises! What could be better. :)

  4. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Wow, you weren't kidding about a stack! lol Thanks for the plug btw ;).
    Stay inspired!

  5. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Wow stackalishious indeed. Good mail everywhere. Glad you liked. xox

  6. My goodness I wish my mail box held treasure like that instead of my usual bills!!! :$
    No wonder they made you smile. :D

  7. That is a stash of treasure right there... you are so worth it though...xx

  8. Oh, my, your mailbox was certainly over-flowing! Thanks for showing the postcard I sent you--yes the sun is bright yellow made with polymer clay!

  9. Now that is a huge stack of mail art! What a fabulous bundle from your mailbox!

  10. I am sooooooooooo glad you have better blog friends than me, I keep thinking about making your postcard....I promise I think about it regulary...::sigh::...I am pitiful! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  11. Oh my gosh Terrie! What a gorgeous, gorgeous haul! So glad mine arrived in such great company! You're worth each and every piece of loving creativity my friend. xx


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