icad update

It's been awhile, so here are the cards I've been stock piling.  (remember, you can still join in for the month of July - an index card a day...nothing fancy, just to keep you creative! - join us at Daisy Yellow to share your creations)

Day #26 & 27:
I used prompts quote for the top one and fortune cookie for the second one. I poured out too much black ink for some project or another so stamped circles and circles....you'll see.

Day 28 & 29:
This top one I used one of Tammy's (Daisy Yellow) suggested techniques of smooshing paint between 2 papers.  What did I end up with?  Circles! that then became flowers.  Why not, right?  I think I needed to smoosh a bit more so the paint spread around a bit.  The second black background was experimenting with my new black gesso, duck tape, etc.

Day #30:
OMG - this was so easy and fun.  I made my own very first stamp.  Inspired by SO many of you that do this regularly, I finally bit the bullet.  I was making party invitations and needed a Mayan themed image to stamp on the cards.  My friend google produced this image that I felt like I couldn't screw up too badly, so using scissors and simple craft foam I cut out the shapes, glued to a foam core "base" and voila! A stamp.  It worked perfectly.  I'll be making more and more........

Day #31 & 32:
More lovely circle stamping and a failed practice tree stamp - but look how great it looks with my mayan sun!  I actually quite like these two (painted with watercolors).

Day #33, 34:
The top one, simple but had to show the results of my first-ever handmade stamp. Used craft foam to cut the shapes and glued them to a foamcore base.  Quick and easy and effective....I'll be making more!

The second one, made today for the 4th of July for Tammy's holiday challenge and also Jenn at APR wanted a representation of her country (Canada) or she graciously broadened the scope to include USA, so I'll submit for that as well.


  1. Wow, they're great Terrie. If I tried to make a stamp I would probably cut my hand off!! Love the USA one.
    Have a great Day.

  2. Your carved stamp is awesome! And I really like your flag for the 4th...nicely done!

  3. Great flag and love the stamp.

  4. Stamp making becomes very addictive! And I love your flag card. Stunning.

  5. Cool 'mayan' stamp - love the tree with the sun and the flag is petty awesome :0)

  6. Very cool! Way to go making your own stamps too. Love the flag! Warmly, Tracy (APR #12)

  7. Great APR entry. I am going to have to explore craft foam stamps, I've been carving a few rubber stamps and enjoying the process so maybe I need to branch out.


  8. I wouldn't even think about making my own stamp never mind doing it...
    I'm in awe of your talent.
    Neesie (APR#11)

  9. These all look terrific terrie, I especially like the circles, stamp and the flag you made. Really well done.

  10. Great cards and creative themes, Terrie. How much fun to make your own stamp! Great job!

  11. Hope you have had a wonderful 4th of July and love the stamping... I am thinking I need to make a tea cup one!!!!! have a great holiday weekend...xx

  12. Congratulations on creating your first stamp, Terrie! You're doing better than I am on that score because, for over a year, I've had all the supplies to make stamps but I've been too scared of messing it up. Well done to you!

    Your ICADs are all so lovely....nice entry for APR!

  13. I have missed you. I didn't mean to be offline for so long, but it looks like I was able to catch up on several of your ICADs in one post. I actually came from APR, but got to see even more than I bargained for. How awesome is that. You did a great job with Jenn's challenge this week, too.

  14. wow! these are great! they look like fun to make :) i like the pink and purple one that looks like lowers :)

  15. Absolutely gorgeous cards...I love your style! well done with the stamp too!


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