odds and ends

Yesterday in my ICAD post I showed a couple I made with my newly handmade stamp.  Here's how I made the stamp:

I glued little pieces of that thin craft foam onto an empty hair spray bottle using a glue stick.  Nothing fancy and no super glues.  My little squares are imperfect as are the longer strips making the stripes.  Make sure to leave enough room to grip the "roller" at the ends without getting too painty.  You can see my practice rolls here using acrylic paint.

I'm surprised this works so well as a stamp when that craft foam is so darned thin - but it works beautifully.  Don't know how long lasting it will be yet, but by the time it falls apart, I'll be sick of the pattern and ready for something different anyway.

My friend and I hit some great yard sales this last weekend and I had a few things on my search radar.  Here's what I came home with....
I was looking for an art apron after seeing the fabulous one Corinne made for herself.  She even gave me some encouragement to make my own, but then I found this one for only $1 and I saved myself the effort.  You might also notice the painting of Seattle.  I bought it for the canvas (15 x 30" for $2.50) and will paint over it (don't tell the little girl who painted it!).  Someday someone will scrape off my painting to discover this one underneath and it will be worth thousands because it's an original "Lia".... :)

Then I found some fun jewelry pieces for $1 each that I plan on cutting apart and using as charms or on the cover of a journal/AB, or ..... who knows?  They are just cool.

And, last, but not least, the rolling pin ($1).  No, I'm not a baker.  I'm going to turn it into a larger, more efficient roller stamp!  Just waiting for the right pattern to manifest itself (and my cold to go away so I can think again!).

And, today's ICAD, in honor of being sick.  Felt the need for some bright color, finger smooshing painting and ink drips to lift my spirits.  Then back to bed! :)

Stay healthy!


  1. Sorry to hear you are sick. I hope you are feeling better soon Terrie. I love all the things you found! I also like your ideas for the earrings and the canvas, good thinking! What really interests me is your rolling stamp:) Genius! have a great day and get well!
    Fran T xo

  2. I had to smile when I saw that foam on that empty container....fabulous!!!
    I think we will all be saving our empty bottles now:)
    Get bettter soooon!

  3. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Hi Terrie. Sorry to hear you're sick. Sending healing vibes ~~~. Love your stamp. I was going to try the same idea and forgot! I better get the craft foam out and put it front and center to remind me :).
    Stay inspired!

  4. Great roller stamp. Feel better.

  5. You post like a well woman Terrie... who'd've known. Speedy recovery.

  6. Your hair spray roller stamp thingy is just awesome! Feel better!

  7. I love that stamp! I need to remember to look for rolling pins at yard sales and thrift stores.

  8. Such a clever stamp. I can see I'm going to have to pick up some craft foam and try stamping with it.


  9. Your roller stamp is great! What a terrific idea and it makes a great pattern.

  10. Fantastic finds!! Thanks for sharing your roller wisdom with us! xx

  11. Anonymous3:40 AM

    Great ideas for that roller stamp, hmmm, old rolling pins would work great now I will be on the thrift hunt for that. Good apron find, still could embellish it with TERRIE style and make it your own.....hope the sniffles have receded. xox


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