it was a great party

Without really intending to, I've had a little summer break from blogging.  And, discovered that I miss it.  I miss the connection, the sharing of ideas, techniques, and art. I really miss it.  So, I'm back.....finally.

I gave myself a birthday party two weekends ago. I turn 60 this year (though not til Dec., but who wants to add another party to attend during the holidays?!).  I decided I wanted to celebrate in the summer with a BBQ so friends and family could be outside and that way I could invite more people.  I picked a date and crossed my fingers that the weather gods would cooperate.  They did.  (Coincidentally it was also our 33rd wedding anniversary though we didn't announce it, just enjoyed it as a fun bonus celebration.)

I had a perfect Seattle summer day - sunny and 75.  We played with bubbles, played badminton, croquet, and ping pong.  We ate delicious BBQ and salads.  Instead of a cake, Dan covered an apple pie with 60 candles (that's a LOT of flame!).  Even though a few friends couldn't make it, those that did really helped make it a special day.  Hooray for friends and family!

I was given a bubble wand to play with - bubbles everywhere!

Using an idea I found on Pinterest, I made this mobile of photos of me at different ages. The game was to guess my age on the back of each photo. There were 30 photos, the winner guessed 9 correctly.

We're compiling the answers to the age game (I'd made a cheat sheet for the answers!) and that's my hubby to the left and my broken jawed son on the right. He was so sweet to come!

Blowing out 60 candles is work!  No cake for me, it's apple pie.

Lots of family, friends and food. What a perfect day!

A couple of you wonderful people out there even sent me little packets for which I'm so grateful. Really! Totally a surprise and just made me and my mailbox smile!

So in December when I mention that I've gone out for my birthday dinner, don't freak out and wonder where a year went since it seems like I just had a birthday!  I'm just enjoying my 60th for as long as I can. :)


  1. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Hi Terrie! I'm so glad you enjoyed your before Birthday :).
    Stay inspired!

  2. Congrats! Great idea and happy birthday early! ;)

  3. Anonymous1:41 PM

    What a blast. Love your bubble blowing and blowing out the candles on the pie!!! LOL. Nice party, glad your son was there. xox

  4. apple pie all the way! cake is useless in my book.

  5. It looks like you had a wonderful celebration and I totally agree that to celebrate it when you like is a cool idea.
    My birthday is in January, so you can imagine how many parties have been had by then...definitely party pooped! :D
    Apple pie is always a winner in my book too!

  6. Thanks for sharing the photos... the weather was indeed perfect and it looks as though you had a wonderful time... summer parties are always better... glad you are back blogging though...xx

  7. How nice that you were able to share this milestone with so many friends & family. The weather seems perfect, and who can't have fun with bubbles!

  8. Happy belated early birthday!! You make almost 60 look fabulous!! xxxx

  9. Love it!!
    Happy Birthday Terrie! ~xx
    Weather looks great. :]


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