icad catch up

Here are my latest ICAD creations - not a particularly inspired group I admit, but I am managing to continue making them.  See others or join in for yourself over at Daisy Yellow, hosted by Tammy.

#35, 36:

I made another stamp - I'll post the photos for that tomorrow - but tried it out on a couple of cards....it works pretty darn well.  It's a roller stamp made using craft foam and a hair spray bottle!

#37, 38:
Boring shades of blue watercolor with some random stamping and collage bits.  The second one is fairly self explanatory..... (the gray is a piece of screen door netting)

#39, 40:

Returning to one of my favorite options, use a quote, and then an homage to my garden.....the weeds at least!

I've been battling an oncoming summer cold and it seems I've lost - it's hard to feel creative or motivated to go to the art room when I can't breathe and I'm coughing, coughing.....so minimal art production the next few days I'd imagine.  I will try and stay up with my visits to everyone else though - I'll be creative vicariously......


  1. Nice work. Hope you soon feel better, rest and relax a bit! Valerie

  2. You are so inspiring to have kept up with ICAD. I had good intentions but after our two weeks away and then getting our daughter ready to leave, I just felt too much pressure. Hopefully, next year.

    Hope you feel better.

  3. Keep up the hot lemon and honey drinks Terrie. We can't have you being anything less than creative.

  4. Sorry to hear that you are still sick and coughing. I can't even do anything creative when I am feeling crummy, but you sure did! Rest and get better! :)

  5. Sorry you're under the weather Terrie. Good for you for pushing through on the cards despite it (love your stamp!). I'm a few days behind now. Sigh. Better stop typing and create! Feel better soon xx

  6. Anonymous4:29 AM

    I can so relate to the doldrums message. I am now far behind for July and off to Wisconsin tomorrow. These are GREAt, the first two realy grabbed me. xox

  7. I hope you feel better soon...summer colds are awful! Good job keeping up with the ICAD challenge, though. And creating your own roller stamp is super cool!

  8. Anonymous11:02 AM

    I hope you feel better VERY SOON! These cards are cool--but are you sure you didn't make that last one about MY garden? ;)


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