365/3 work continues

As I wrote last week, I'm starting to find my mojo again and a big step in helping me was taking a class with Seth Apter (the Altered Page). He actually came to teach in north Seattle so, of course, I took a day off work so I could attend the workshop.  Remember I said I was ready to have painty hands again?  They are truly painty!

We spent the morning learning, working, playing and trying new techniques as we covered our papers with paint, stencils, stamps, and whatever we had on hand. 

My pages underway:  (#110, 111, 112)

After creating all this painty goodness, we stitched and folded, tucked and glued, and ended up with charming pocket books.  Mine drying (#113):

Above is a sample book showing how the pockets can fill up with treasures, making this book a wonderful showpiece as a place to display postcards, photos, memories/treasures of your choice.

Here's a few closeups of the delicious texture I was able to create:

Such a great class and it was such a pleasure to meet Seth in person after following his blog for so long. He's a warm, genuine, delightful man and I'm here to say - if you get an opportunity, take a class with him; you'll love it!


  1. Seth's workshops are the greatest! He came to Australia last year. You have excelled yourself...and are obviously back in the saddle.

  2. There's nothing like painty hands!!! Great painted papers!

  3. Great review of the workshop Terrie. So happy that you were able to attend and that we had a chance to spend the day creating together. Thanks a million!


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