365/3 and ICAD continues

I was a florist years ago and miss using those skills. So I love holidays when I make arrangements for the house and I really like it when a friend has a party and asks for some flowers.  My 365 project gained a little variety this week as I made some arrangements for a friend's wedding shower.

A centerpiece for the buffet table - 2 arrangements connected or 'married' (ha!)

A great big, overflowing vase of flowers that was used as an accessory in the 'photo booth' at the shower. We had all sorts of bridal accessories to choose from and everyone vamped for the camera (I played photographer)

Closeup of the gorgeous flowers - costco roses & mums, and lisianthus, one of my fave garden flowers.

I made 4 small arrangements like this in my $1 store plastic wine glass vases - they went on the tables and kitchen counter, etc. I used greens from my yard to fill in around the flowers.

Then, of course, ICAD continues (thru July) so my ICAD efforts #18-21 (365/3 #134-138)

Hope you have a very creative week!


  1. Hey! I have that book! you can draw in 30 days! Except for me it was more like, "You can get up to lesson 12 and then quit and watch the book grow dusty on your shelf!" You've inspired me to haul it out again. Although I just bought two more art books yesterday...
    Gorgeous flowers, btw.

    1. Ha - that's usually the case with me too - now the bar is set - lesson 12 here I come! :)

  2. Anonymous4:32 AM

    Love your sketched boxes, so interesting to take a peek inside. Great exercises you are doing. xox

  3. Thanks - fun and relatively easy so far - the challenge will be if I can take the book lessons and apply them to something I'm looking at in front of me.

  4. i haven't stopped by in a while. Glad I did. love your flower arrangements...just lovely! your ICADs are great, too. what great little doodles!

  5. LOVELY arrangements....must've been a gorgeous wedding. Happy to see you are still 'arting',,,tho' you are very quiet these days.

  6. Floral arranging skills seem at once to be both ridiculously frivolous and extremely useful lol, and always something I wished I were better at. I mostly just cut them diff lengths and stick them in a mason jar. Yours are gorgeous!


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