365/3 continues

#103 - 108

Yes, I've fallen a bit behind - so sue me!  I had a bit of a creative melt down, but I'm recovering and I'll get back on track.  Here's the last pieces I did as part of Jane Davies' composition class.

A focus on circles - in different scales.

Circles and lines - unity in repetition, but also variety in scale.

I wanted to experiment with one oversized shape - it seemed to need filling so.......more circles.

The point of this lesson was to explore pattern and scale - include a variety of patterns with a variety of scale.....I found this relatively easy and lots of fun.  You can see the evidence of my 100 drawings on Cheap Paper in this series - primarily because it is a series.....I made many (some didn't make it to the post) and kept experimenting and trying to answer "what if" - the artist's perennial question!

Hopefully I'll be back to creating and posting on a regular schedule again.  Stay creative!


  1. Terrie, these are great!

  2. Very cool! I like them!

  3. You'll be back into full creative mode again soon. It just takes a while to process all you've learned....and you've wrung every last ounce of learning from Jane's class. Great work!

  4. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Those reds and oranges really POP. Happy colors. xox


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