I've made a discovery about myself.  While I love creating, making art, taking classes to learn and motivate me, I have a limit.  I took two back to back classes with Jane Davies.  That was my limit. I can keep a 365 project going by missing a day here or there and doubling my projects to catch up.  But I have to say that the creative energy and thought and effort into those lessons just wore me out.

Since the classes ended I've hardly entered my art room and it's been several weeks!  Yikes.  But, I'm feeling restless again.  Ideas are swarming. Jo's work is inspiring me to get back "on the horse".  I want to have painty fingers. I want to add to the paint spatters on my shirts. It's time to pull out paints and glue and paper and see what happens.

I'm being called back to my art room.

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  1. Thanks for the link Terrie. I could not have done two classes back to back. Jane is such a good tutor, you really have to have your nose to the grindstone for the whole class. That said, now you have many more tools to work with your work will stream ahead. Above all, have fun!


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