alaw 2013

Well, I'm certainly getting a late start this year for ALAW (a letter a week).  It took me awhile to settle on a format and style - after much deliberating and sketching and fussing about, I think I've settled on this.  Here are the letters I have so far, drawn with pen on bristol paper....can't decide whether to add color to them - that's a pending decision.

As of now my intention is to mount them on a spiral book ala Corrine (a scroll)...we'll see.

Twining the letters is challenging and I'm not sure I have the best solutions here.....may change some up.


  1. These are lovely.. Lettering just seems beyond me! I appreciate the thought and work you have put into these.

  2. Anonymous3:59 AM

    Wow Terrie, these are wonderful. Ant time I need lettering done I know who to call. xox

  3. I like that you take it upon yourself to complete these projects. It inspires me, greatly!!

    I've been holding back a bit from my writing "out loud" on my BE Currie blog though I AM posting daily on my I Love You, Currie blog.

    The thing I am finding is that I am working a little more quietly than even my usual quiet.

    Oh, and the thing I wanted to share is that I am DOing Carla Sonheim's Year of the Giraffe, and I'm liking the small contingent of us DOing that and sharing on Flickr and a Yahoo group thing.

    I sort of see that like your lettering. I keep at it and I grow more adept and comfortable. Upcoming in March is sewing, which should BE entertaining since I don't, but I am still game for trying it out!!

    BEauty letters, by the by.

  4. Terrie...this is a great concept.. and you've done it so well.

  5. The lettering is wonderful, Terrie! :]
    You are very creative, such an inspiration.

  6. Hi Terrie,

    Thanks for your postcard from postcard swap! I really like the mixed media element of it! I've posted about your postcard here: http://rainemomentstogether.blogspot.ca/2013/02/postcards.html

    Thanks again,


  7. I have just spent the time it took me to drink a cup of tea catching up... you have been so busy and creative, and your work is just all so lovely... and that book you made Dan is simply amazing... your creative energy always inspires me... xx

  8. These are nice! What a challenge to set for yourself! I've got this 365 collage a day thing going, and if I had to make my own exemplar I'd have to be rescusitated on a daily basis! Good work.


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