collages and mail art

I was so busy with Dan's book, my other art endeavors took a bit of a back seat.  But, the incoming mail didn't falter!  And I did get a couple of collages (using my motif of the month, hearts) and mail art collages made.....so here goes:

Collage #29, Purple Love:

Collage #30:  Crossed Hearts

Mail art out that I'm also claiming as 365 collages:

#31:  a postcard from a provided collage sheet for a MMSA swap.

#31 is the bottom collage - using just one element from the collage sheet enlarged and reduced for graphic effect.

I also sent out 3 cards for the AIB (Artists in Blogland) swap - all versions of this style:

Then, on the receiving side, my mail box is very happy - cards have been coming in from Shannon's international swap:

From Lena in Germany

From Zafaran in India - the leaves and bird wings are highlighted with a sparkle pen

From Karen - a mail art buddy....getting cards from blogging buddies is bound to happen every now and then as we all love to join in swaps.  Love her touch of whimsy....she makes me smile.

This beauty from Jean in Hawaii.

AND, the riches haven't ended.....I received these two from the MMSA blue theme:

From Amy (using a sun print of the leaves)

From Ellen ( a very time consuming mosaic)

I'm thinking I missed posting a few.....I'm sorry.  My piles got mixed up.  Know that each and every postcard is MUCH appreciated.  I even have Dan trained to say - anything cool in the mail today?


  1. Wowee! Such a cornucopia of wonderful goodies...no wonder you like mail art! Love following the links.

  2. Purple and hearts can't go wrong with those two items....Love all your collages; they are original and fun.....

    Happy Valentine's Day

  3. What wonderful, creative pieces! I just LOVE your purple one, too. :)

  4. LOOK AT ALL THIS...!!
    wonderful art, very inspiring, Terrie. :]

  5. Hi Terrie,
    What a wonderful lot of mail art here! Love each creation and your collages are inspiring.
    The flowers that you found stuck on my postcard are Ixora blooms from my garden. Thought you would like to know.
    Have a happy week!

  6. So glad you liked my card! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! Have a great weekend! - Irma

  7. holy moly, LOOK at these wonderful collages! I was amazed at your lettering, and now I see that you're doing the 365 collages challenge as well!

    I need a lie down.


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