collages 34-40

I had a great weekend.  My best friend visited, we had another birthday dinner with friends (Dan believes in celebrating birthday month) and I found a little time to be creative.  I worked on my 365 challenge and got on a real role.

#34/365 - Open Heart
handpainted papers, corrugated cardboard, scrapbook paper and tissue hearts

#35/365 - In the Pink

a heart made of postage stamps on green tissue with a frame of my decorated papers

#36/365 - Flying Stitches
miscellaneous magazine pics covered with pattern tissue

#37/365 - Tissue
all tissue papers 

#38/365 - Lightly Gardened
only tissue paper til I found the magazine text that seems to define it

#39/365 - Gentle Heart
tissue papers layered over book text and a floral napkin as the focal heart

#40/365 - Text in Read
this one was fun - I looked for only red text in my huge stash (that I don't use enough) and as I hunted, it started to tell a story for me......starting with 'my kind of town - Seattle' and grew from there

Are you joining Hanna and others in the 365 challenge?  What are you making?


  1. Anonymous7:15 PM

    You definitely were on a roll! Glad to hear you're having so much fun :).
    Stay inspired!

  2. the word one is so much fun. I used to make similar small collages to hang inside my high school locker every year. I wonder what happened to them - it would be fun to see what words were significant to me then, and if any would be the same now. you've got me itching to try this. you are such a wonderful and reliable source of inspiration!

  3. Anonymous4:05 AM

    These are marvelous, you are on a roll. READ and thst heart made out of stamps, all of them are great. You are being so inventive.....xox

  4. Terrie, these are wonderful!! I love your use of tissue paper. The resulting layers are fantastic. My fave is the Garden Gate. The composition of that one really struck me. The red words are brilliant too. Full steam ahead!! x

  5. lots of interesting combinations, i like the heart with the stamps.
    it's fun to look at all the different creations happening for this challenge.

  6. You are certainly 'in the zone'...wanna trade Open Heart?...how big is it?

  7. No kidding you were on a roll! These are so fabulously fun!

  8. These are wonderful. Loving the colors and all the papers.


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