365 collages

Checking in with my collages for the week - these are #22-28 - hopefully I'll be totally caught up by next weekend.

#22 Voices Spelled  (oh yeah, decided to try naming my pieces...we'll see how long that lasts)

This was made on a piece of chipboard from a file folder box - it's perfect....easy to cut, strong enough to support paint or glues, neutral color background.  I want more of these boxes!

#23 Mayan Cookies
Black gesso on my chipboard back, a couple of pieces of wood veneer, tiger ribbon and 'cookies' cut from a cookie wrapper.

#24  Switcheroo
I pulled papers from here and there in my art room, and when it was done, I wasn't lovin' it. Started turning it upside down, horizontally, etc and decided I liked this orientation best.  

#25 Gifted Circles
Circles cut from all the gorgeous papers I received in the MMSA swap over a black gesso base.

#26 Get Wild
Another black background - I love the drama it gives. Although the scan doesn't show it, most of these papers are reflective or glittery; the text is from ephemera Jo sent me.

#27 Pretty in Pink
Pulled out my pink grab bag of bits and had fun making this one.  My homage to Hanna, who started this whole journey and who loves pink.

#28 In the Woods
Again on my file folder chipboard, 3 layered wood veneers, drywall tape, cupboard shelf liner and a bit of patterned tissue paper.  I'm wondering if the black circle is too high contrast for all the neutrals?

So there ya go.  I have several that I really like this week....I feel like I'm settling in and finding my voice (a bit.....).

The other project I'm falling woefully behind in is my ALAW.  I think I've finally decided on both the display format and my lettering so I might actually get busy on it this week.


  1. Anonymous3:07 PM

    You know I love them all, and you know I love, love color but I really am drawn to the black and white one, it is so striking. Keep making....xox

  2. I am loving all your collages, the color everything

  3. really liking these, Terrie!!

    In particular In The Woods spoke to me.

    I've been on a similar bent with filling up several art journals with collage.

    and postcard size [4x6] cardboard and mat board.

    it is fun to stick with one size and substrate and then experiment like you've done.

    I have a bunch of circles from gluten-free pizza crust and am trying to figure out what to DO with them [BEsides saving them like the flood is coming!!!]

    yay YOU!! glad you are again feeling well!!

  4. oh my - I love gifted circles. the diagonal line is a brilliant addition. you've got such a good eye for layout. and no, I don't think the black circle is too much for in the woods. I think it works.

  5. Great collages, Terrie!
    You are doing a terrific job with this challenge... "HIGH- FIVE!" :]


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