Mail Me Some Art - if you haven't found this site yet, it's time.  Click the link and explore the wide world of mail art.  It's the best kind of participative art:  it's quick, easy, no-pressure art; it goes out into the world and brightens someone's day; it makes you smile when you check the mail; it can be as elaborate or as simple as you like; it connects you with other mail artists all over the world.  Many of us use bits and pieces from other projects so there's virtually no cost - how can you beat that????

Karen, the tireless, spirited, totally supportive hostess of MMSA continues to come up with creative themes to pique your interest and creativity each week.  Pick and choose the topics or timeframe that suit you.  Make one postcard per theme or make a half dozen.  You get back as many as you send to Karen.  I love that she posts a month's worth of themes at a time so it's easy to plan ahead.....

Green theme - due 3/18

Here are the 4 cards I'm sending for the green theme....

Jean's Collage Sheet - due 3/25
This is a challenging way to make mail art.....someone (in this case Jean) submits a 8x10 sheet of scanned or photo items and we're to create collages using ONLY images from the collage sheet (made bigger or smaller if you want). It can be embellished with mark making, but no more images.  I find these challenging, but that's sort of the fun of it too.

I'd love you to join in and discover the pleasure of mail art!  Visit the site to see the other themes for March.


  1. Thanks Terrie! I just finished making a facebook page for MMSA and and right now I'm trying to figure out twitter.

  2. Your mail man must thik you have the best mail delivered to your door than anyone else on their route! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  3. LOVE your green post cards Terrie! Keeping my fingers crossed that I get one through the swap! ;-) xoxo

  4. Wonderful & inspiring, Terrie!!
    Love visiting your Blog. :]
    Thank you for the beautiful collage-work postcard, you are thoughtful ~xx
    I LOVE IT. :]

  5. yay! Awesome cards!
    I'm going to get to work on my greens. I leave on a trip the 15th so I'm madly working on a travel journal first. Oh, time, thou art a harsh mistress!


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