urban sketching

I went out today for a walk and took my sketchbook with me for the first time. This time my efforts are park centered instead of buildings.  I leaned against a fence to draw.........

The sketch done on-site. I used MarcTaro Holmes' technique of using a single line to define my base with the rocks & stump.  It made visualizing SO much easier. From there it was easy to place the dominant trees (the house ended up too big; it's really farther away, but, oh well)

With color added with Inktense

I find it a little harder to blend Inktense than watercolors, but I drew on thin paper that doesn't hold up to watercolor.

Continuing on my walk, I went to the disc golf course and this giant triangle tree caught my eye:
Drawn on-site; Inktense color added at home.  Again I used Marc Taro Holmes single line horizon idea and it made a great top line to establish the rest of the sketch.

Sketching continues.........


  1. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Really nice work Terrie. I can see you are enjoying this. xox

  2. You are on a roll Terrie. The more you do the better you get.


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